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Advert Placement

If you have been looking for a trusted and most visited website to advertise your business, goods and services? look no further, zipupnaija is here for you.

We can sell off your goods and services, because of the good number of Web users we attain steadily on a daily basis. Along with our expertise and excellent advert programs available, we can make your advert campaign huge success. 

We are well-known when it comes to campaigning for starting and successful companies in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We offer the following;

  • Banner Placement
  • Backlinking
  • Social Media Advertisement


We create any kind of website for your business, company and brands. We create site like;

  • Virtual business webistes
  • Ecommerce websites
  • News, Music or Entertainment Blogs
  • Investment websites
  • Online banking sites and wallet, E.T.C


We create the following;

  • Musical artworks
  • Flyers, handbills
  • Business & Person logos/ company branding

For Feedback/Compliment/Support

You can easily contact us for support, complaints, suggestion or feedbacks concerning our services.

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Music/Video/Movie Promotions

With our popularity when it comes to delivering public music, videos and movie to millions of our users monthly, we can as well deliver a top-notch promotion for your content.

We deliver content posting for the aforementioned categories.


For Copyright infringement notice contact us here only – [email protected]

Feel free to contact us below by using any of the channel below. It is recommended that you use the whatsapp, Email, to contact us for all reasons including feedback, Compliment and Support Reasons

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