LYRICS: Erigga – DDA (Dont Die Alive)

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Erigga – Don’t Die Alive Lyrics

Read ‘DDA (Don’t Die Alive) Lyrics’ by Erigga below;


I wanna appreciate every fan, that has been buying my music, streaming my music mehn
You guys are doing alot to me mehn
I love you guys unconditionally mehn
God go bless una, una too much


Life is hard
Government bad
Things are scarce
Thief billions
DDA (show?)
I don dae drive
Catching cruise
Upon this street
DD ah

I cannot die o (lie-lie)
I don buy gun
Extra live
Dda ah
DDA (abeg)
DDA (abeg)
Don’t die alive DDA
DDA (yor)
DDA (yor)
Don’t die alive (shey?) DDA


Person wae no get money for life
No go fit boast
Slay queen wae no get money for data
No fit post
Siblings wae get money na im some family dae host
You no go beg dem my brother ehnn
People dae roast

Toto meat
Na problem
Na em make some boys dae broke
I dae jam dem for alley
I dae buy them bread and coke
I dae see am
E dae hard them
I no go like joke
Hunger don dae hook dem
Dem don take money for club

Erigda too dae talk
Who be dat he plug
Fuck the street
Some people got time to club
No go lie I sure say him and devil na blood

Call on god
I no sure say my network dae go
No fold your arms
Na the country
Na e dae spoil dae go
I go like give my two pikin
U.S.A pali
Make dem go dat side go enjoy sharpali

They taught say we no go dae here
Hundred years to come
Dey baffu me
Na why I always dae wait my kpom
Maybe na when the world don end
Our sense go come
So you for don arrange things
All the men go run
And girls too
No be only me like money
Dem wan jolly buy there girls PS5 too
And boos and who my god


(I swear) I know mehn
Shout out to every youth in Nigeria hustling mehn
Shout out to every fans promoting my music
No worry dey break everywhere go burst for all us
God dey see everything
Shout out to every one supporting my music, I love you guys mehn

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