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1. Music and Video Upload Plan:

with this plan, upcoming artistes can get there songs and music videos, uploaded with massive hype on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. Song of The Week:

If You want your song promoted on zipupnaija to gain more audience, think of going for something bigger. Your song will appear on our zipupnaija as song of the week.

This plan is also targeted at making the songwriter famous, with huge number of Download and streams.

3. Video of The Week:

is your video quality enough to make you popular, think of extending your reach with our ‘Video of The Week’ Promotion Plan.

This plan attracts millions of our site  users, to check on your video and Download as well. This is a recommended plan for any music singers and rappers, that wants to be famous.

4. Download Also Plan:

Download Also plan, is one that will make your song and music video go viral on our webpages.

Your song will appear on every music and video page of our website as suggested songs. This plan will boost the number of downloads on your  song and video.

Your song, videos will settle on pages of other popular music stars, so as to attract users to check on your song as well.

4. Zipupnaija Advertisement Pan:

with this services, we will organize adverts on every pages of our website. visit here for more information.

5. Social Media advert plan:

Other strategic ways of getting audience for your song and video is by engaging popular social media plaforms.

This is another way of reaching out to millions of Internet users, because of the huge number of people using the social sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

see how it works:

we will upload your song on our website along with the download button, Then run adverts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Clients will gain audience from our web-users and users on the social media platforms were the advert will be placed.

6. Comedy Skit Outros and Background:

Your song will be featured on a popular comedy skit company outro and Backgrround.

6. Promotional Article and News write-ups: will automatically Generate Article, news write-ups that may feature other top superstars About Artist.

This service plus free Biography page will be Published During The Course Of Promotion, so as to boost the popularity of the artiste.


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