Life Lesson: Reasons why value is stronger than money (True life story)


Value is a must get in life rather than chasing after money, fame, etc because you get all that when you give out value in exchange.

A True life story about value…. 

A city had a very good shoemaker, his fame had spread across the all the surrounding cities.

One day, an enemy city invaded the city of the shoemaker, they killed the king his cabinets, they killed every male they could lay their hands on but when they got to the shoemaker, the army general looked at him for a while and changed his mind, he told his soldiers to spare him and when they inquired why he would want to spare him, the general replied, he is the best shoemaker around here, and we’ll need him to fix our shoes.

They spared him because of the value he creates. When money can’t spare anyone, when political name and position can’t help anyone, a man who creates value would flourish.

Life Lessons you must learn from the story

In the time of crisis, men who create value would be needed.
You must learn to identify a problem in the society that you will solve and master the art of solving that problem.

Always train yourself to solve that problem, update yourself in better and better ways of solving such problems, learn of better tools you can use and use them in solving that problem.

The more problems you solve in the society, the more value you create for that society and one day the society would be forced to pay for the value you create and the problem you solve.

Those who got money without creating values would soon lose it to those who create values in the society and solves the challenges the society encounters as she grows.

To train a poor man to be rich, teach him to think of a problem in the society that he can solve and let him start solving it. Then let him learn of better ways to solve the problem and never stop learning.

Many men have earned a fortune in cleaning cities, some are billionaires because they drain toilets and many simply problems that don’t require great professionalism have been a stepping stone to many people into the life of financial freedom.

The problem of poverty in the society began when people want money when they haven’t created any value.

If you can think enough, you’ll discover the area where you can solve a problem in the society.

DHL started as three men started helping their street neighbors deliver their goods and messages, they learn of better ways to do it and today they are worth billions of dollars because they identified a problem in the society and solved it first unprofessionally till they became professionals.

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