Lie Detector: How to know when someone is lying

Lie Detector

The world we are living today is governed by lies of yesterday, many are victims of circumstances because they failed to detect lies. Becoming a lie Detector will go a long way.

One thing I hate in life is to be fooled. When you sorghum to lies it makes you look stupid, especially when you are fooled by a closet or someone you think is not up to deceiving you. That more reason why you should be a lie Detector.

Making people believe to what’s not real because of many deceitful persons living in the world that we are living today. Some want others to believe lies that he/she finds as truth, therefore spreading more lies.

Lies from Top Religious places

Lies are found in major areas of life today, which includes top religious places, Like Mosques, churches and other world leading worship centers. Some religious leaders tell their followers lies that has no trace but are believed by many.

Firstly, Let’s take review of the Muslim faith, many followers and leaders of this religion believe in different things. But all in one religion.

For example, some believe you please God by taking someone’s life but some did not believe that action as the perfect way to please God.

For now we don’t know the lie, but one of this two believe is a lie and the lie originated from someone, who deceived many others to believe.

In Christianity, many followers and leaders have believed so many lies. And some many had been in existence for many centuries now.

Some believed facts that are not written in their religion holy book, while some miss interpret it and make others to believe the lie they generated from it, creating huge vacuum for confusion.

For example, “some believe prayers will be answered through the help of the mother of Jesus (the son of God), while some believed prayers can only be answered ¬†in Jesus name, while some don’t believe in any of them.”

“Some believe that Saturday (the sabbath day) is the best day to serve God, while some believe is Sunday. Some believe in speaking in tongues while some did not believe in it.” and so on.

The most interesting part is that, this categories of people share one common faith, Christianity, but believe in diverse truths.

One of the above believes are not true but many believed in them.

Lies from Politicians and Government Officials

Top politicians like, Presidents, Governors, Senators, etc, before been sworn into office, do promise the masses and supporters lot of things, not fulfilling them becomes a lie.

Those politicians will even go ahead to make people believe to things that can not be done just to get that political position. Some even go ahead to castigate their opposition, so as to gain favour.

Sometimes, rumours will escalate and involve many people that believed the lies without knowing they have been fooled by few people, just to get political position.

Lies from Family 

Many people today believed in lies from their family background about something that never existed. Some of this lies have crossed many lineages and generations without even knowing the origination of the lie but all lies.

Those lies might have been gotten from someone that just taught of deceiving one person but deceived many generations. Some originators of those lies wanted few persons to believe what they taught is the truth and end up deceiving many.

We are still leaving some of those lies without discovering the truth. Those lies have caused many damages, took lives, frustrated many, created hatred, etc.

Crack your brain think out one fact that your alpha, Pastor, father or mother told you but you later discovered it’s not true

And many more lies from schools, friends, enemies, peers, etc


Whenever you are getting information from anybody, Group or etc the following must be observed to know if you are getting the right information or the wrong one.

1) Try to know the intention of the Author or person narrating the story. Some lies we got today originated for a reason, meaning the narrator have his reasons for giving out such information.

For religious leaders, politicians, family members, friends, etc, all have reasons for dishing out lies. For example “a mother telling her daughter that if a man touches her, she will be pregnant” have her personal intent for doing so. To protect her child.

Some lie for money, fame, protection, protection, create love, hatred, etc No lie has ever existed for nothing.

2) Try to know more about the story. Every story have a timeline, streamline and lifeline. If it is a religious lie try to read and no more about the Holy book.

Try to know if you can find real fact from the story. Try to merge the story with reality, Especially lies from religious places, political leaders, family, friends, etc.

Don’t believe what you don’t think think is possible until much proves has been carried out. Never believe a story without prove.

The story teller or author should provide real facts to back up the story and the Fact must be in line with the story.

With this you will be close to knowing if you are believing the real thing.

3) Carry out investigations. Base on what you have heard, try to get a findings. These findings can be gotten from carrying out researches on the story.

Go extra miles, try to get information from source that have been proving truthful.

4) Use your initiatives. Never be in a hurry to believe. Don’t trust anybody, because lies can generate from anybody.

Naturally humans are deceitful, jumping into conclusion the very first time you hear a story is not wise. The narrator can even use something familiar and close to you to trick you in believing what’s not true.

5) Use logic to repeat your questions. You gat to use your common-sense and initiatives always to be a very good lie Detector.

You must use different ways to ask the author or narrator one particular question, in various formats. Ask indirect questions but direct.

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