Gay Marriage Origination, Reasons for rapid spread and solution

Gay Marriage

Origination of Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage began long ago and has spread wide to many countries in time past, originating from the United States.

Lawsuits from activies seeking legal recognition of same-sex relationship is growing daily.

Hawaii Supreme Court decision (Baehr v Lewin) In 1993 suggested laws prohibiting same-sex Marriage in the state is unconstitutional.

On May 17, 2004, a state in the United States, Massachusetts, became the first and the Sixth Jurisdiction in the world to legalize the Marriage. The decision came after the case Goodridge v Department of Public Health was handled in Supreme Judicial Court’s for six months.

Since then until in late 2014, the movement to obtain marriage rights for same-sex couples increased and lawsuits had been issued to States that still denied marriage licenses to gay couples.

States containing more than 70% of the United States population legalised the same-sex marriage by late 2014. The legalization came through action of state courts and the enactment of state legislation.

Historically, Maryland, Maine and Washington became the first States by November 6, 2012 to legalize the Marriage through voting. Also, it has been legalized in 21 Native American tribal jurisdiction and District of Columbia as well.

In 2013 laws that bans same-sex marriage in federal court was challenged and striked down in the U.S Supreme Court in United States v. Windsor. After the decision was stamped, only a few exceptions, Courts of Appeal and U.S District courts have found bans on the Marriage unconstitutional.

The exceptions have been U.S district courts in Louisiana and Puerto Rico, a state court in Tennessee and U.S court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. However, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear appeals from that circuit’s decision.

On June 26, 2015, Same-sex marriage was fully implemented and all laws banning the act was struck down by the U.S Supreme Court.

Reasons for Same-sex Marriage rapid spread

1. Religious laws and practice: Top world religions like Christianity and Muslims, that believed Sex before marriage (between man and woman) is a sin. Laws that ban pre-marital Sex is one of the reasons why same-sex marriage increases. If a man should be allow from birth to have close relationship between opposite sex.

2. Family factors: Parents who usually encourage or advice their children to stay close to same-sex gender more opposite Sex is one of the reason why gay marriage is on the increase. The positive reason is to help reduce unwanted pregnancy, which is also good but have negative effect on the child.

3. Too much closeness or love between persons with Same gender. Some persons develop love for Same-sex persons due to family coaching and religion believes.

“Matured minds must always think of having Sex, and when the opposite Sex is not their with them, the available, Same-sex becomes an alternative.”

4. Opening of Same-sex schools and social amenities. This is one factor that leads to increase of gay partners today. Same-sex schools is one sensitive place were gay people find their partners. The reason could be as a result of too much closeness and mutual understanding between same Sex genders.

5. Internet and Technology: The Internet today contains both positive and negative information. Ponographical contents that contains Sex from gay partners could create vacuums for homosexuality. Some young people go through the Internet, while searching for other contents might come across contents like that, develop love for it and try to practice it.

Solutions and possible ways to tackle Same-sex Marriage

  1. Religious leaders and followers should recognize and encourage opposite Sex relationship more than same-sex relation. All laws restricting unmarried persons from coming close to each other should be minimized.

  2. Parents and Guardians must encourage their children and ward to Create opposite Sex relationship more than same-sex relationship. They should also advise them to use required measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy or sexual transmitted Disease/infections.

  3. Too much closeness to same Sex persons should be treated as semi-crime or bridge of law. Such persons should be investigated if found guilty must be punished according.

  4. Same sex Schools should be shut down totally or converted to opposite Sex schools, where Male and Female genders can come together to learn. Other social amenities that support same Sex must be change or shutdown instead.

  5. Internet must be put under watch. Any website or blog promoting same-sex porn videos must be shutdown. All infringement on such laws must be given a life sentence penalty.

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