Facts upcoming Artiste must know about online music/video promotion

Facts upcoming Artiste must know about online music/video promotion

Real Facts all upcoming Celebrities must understand about online promotion and Best place to promote their songs, comedy skit, videos, articles, etc.

Facts about online Promotion

Upcoming Artiste think that when you song is online it has already gained audience, why it is not true. Because your song can be in a site that has regular visit of 5-10 users a day and you are expecting to blow.

Focus on quality and forget about quantity. Always look forward on the kind of website you are going to promote your song. Check the site very well, if you can find Google adverts on it you know your song might gain audience. Because Google don’t advertise on site with less than a thousand traffic daily.

The number of site your song might appear, is not a criteria that it will go far or gain needed audience. For example, You cannot compare one quality phone with 10 inferior phones. Go for quality and forget about quantity if you have value for money.

Always have the mindset that the best is always the best. Go for the best at all times. Always want the best for yourself, don’t think that there is always a shot cut.

How can you do a music production for 10,000 – 25000 naira and you want to promote you song with 1000. Dear upcoming, where you should focus on dearly is the aspect of the promotion. Because is of no use to spend such money and end up have 2-4 listeners and mange to gain one download. Target a promotion package that will help to boost your song to thousands of listeners.

Greed must be for away from any upcoming artiste that must blow. You cannot get fame for free of charge. Work well with your song promoters, do things to move up their mindset, so that they will be moved to help you succeed.

The is one bitter truth. If you are an upcoming and you pleaded with a promoter on a price against his will, just forget if he/she later accepts, he will never work to help you.

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