Facts about Rain making activities, fetish or pure African science?

In Nigeria and Africa at large, Rain makers for years now have dominated the region in terms of rain making activities, many inhabitants condemned the act claiming it is Fetish while some said it is pure African science

However, There are lots of African societies that finds the activity common during traditional occasions, weddings, celebrations, etc.

This act is introduced to hold the rain from falling, or to clear stormy weather off the event center/location of event in other to prevent the rain from disrupting or interrupting the activities of the locals within that ethnicity… no doubt.

The idea of the rain making has been severally proved to be in existence, lately many Nigerian locals from the west, and southern region has confirmed that the act holding/or making rain is actually in existence and is quit affordable between(#15,000 to #20,000) to hire a rain making.

But the fact still remains is rain making just African science or fetish believe relating to demonic practice. most Nigerians believes it to be pure African science.

Meanwhile, the christian communities condemns the act saying its a challenge to God, never minding the fact that known rain makers has been called to England for the up coming event.

According to your believe/religion is rain making fetish or just pure African science that will intentionally make the world to appreciate Nigerian cultural heritage?

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