Facts upcoming Artiste must know about online music/video promotion

Facts upcoming Artiste must know about online music/video promotion

Real Facts all upcoming Celebrities must understand about online promotion and Best place to promote their songs, comedy skit, videos, articles, etc. Facts about online Promotion Upcoming Artiste think that when you song is online it has already gained audience, why it is not true. Because your song can be in a site that has […]


Life Lesson: Reasons why value is stronger than money (True life story)

Value is a must get in life rather than chasing after money, fame, etc because you get all that when you give out value in exchange. A True life story about value….  A city had a very good shoemaker, his fame had spread across the all the surrounding cities. One day, an enemy city invaded […]

Facts about Rain making activities, fetish or pure African science?

In Nigeria and Africa at large, Rain makers for years now have dominated the region in terms of rain making activities, many inhabitants condemned the act claiming it is Fetish while some said it is pure African science However, There are lots of African societies that finds the activity common during traditional occasions, weddings, celebrations, […]

Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Origination, Reasons for rapid spread and solution

Origination of Gay Marriage Gay Marriage began long ago and has superseded many centuries in time past, and originated from the United States. The lawsuit seeking legal recognition of same-sex relationship brought gave way to questions creating a civil marriage rights for gay couples which was abortive. Hawaii Supreme Court decision (Baehr v Lewin) In […]

Free hosting approval

Viewen: How to submit & Get Free hosting approval on a domain

How to submit & Get Viewen Free hosting approval on a domain To get Viewen.com free hosting approval on a domain, some important guidelines must be put into consideration. Some users have toiled Round the Internet searching for cheap web hosting company, that offers quality services. But never found one. After discovering a company like […]

Lie Detector

Lie Detector: How to know when someone is lying

The world we are living today is governed by lies of yesterday, many are victims of circumstances because they failed to detect lies. Becoming a lie Detector will go a long way. One thing I hate in life is to be fooled. When you sorghum to lies it makes you look stupid, especially when you […]

Best Free Cloud hosting website

Best Free Cloud hosting website for 2018

Viewen is a Free cloud hosting website whose purpose was to provide premium services at little or no cost to users around the world. The Houston based cloud hosting company provides free and paid options that uses a cPanel-based inter-phase. The Free Cloud hosting company for 10 years now has been one of the best […]


Free Music, Comedy skit and Video promotion [From 26 Aug – 13 Sept]

FREE MUSIC PROMOTION ON ZIPUPNAIJA Free music, comedy skit and video promotion is now available on zipupnaija starting from from 26 August – 13 September 2018. Upcoming Music Artiste and Comedians now have the opportunity to have there talents expose so that millions of people in Nigeria and the world, can see the best in them. […]