[Lyrics] Olamide ft. Snow, Phyno, Rhatti & Cheque – Warlords

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Olamide 999 EP ft Phyno, Cheque, Snow, Jackmillz, Jayboi, Sosa-E, Nilly Rhatti lyrics

Warlords lyrics by Olamide

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Ri Ri Riddimakulayo


I’m in chain, I’m in chain
Looking like a prisoner
I feed my fears to the dog
Nothing else can pull me down

No pain no gain for me
I just wanna be me (I just wanna be free)


My heart and my soul
they keep running
My brain and my thought is all money
I’m up and I grind
Day or at night, in the morning
the fire we keep burning
Heaven closing up on me
Squeezing in with the lid so sharpened
Like the edges of the Samurai sword
I’m trapped in between
I was shooting for the moon
Caught the glimpse of the moon
That Got my eyes bleeding
But this can’t be blood cause of the way it hurts
Oh my fucking God
She feels like a piercing
Through my eyeballs and my lids
Like fragment of broken glasses
The shit got me craving for peace


Turn on the switch
Page mu dere e ju go, flip o the script
Open up my voice kam hit e the pitch nwa
Hustle hard and take a broke nigga’s bitch
no joy, men nwelu no joy
grew up in the trenches
where we play with AKs no toy
mama said lose everything but never lose your focus
ma nu na gi enwero nu oru
akpo na mu your home boy
Life happens and o mee ya ona adi ka film
I have been tagged a loser
But its my choice to win
ife diri mu na chim
abiakwa na in between
knew that i be bossing ozugbo ozugbo m hitiri the scene

I started from the low low
ngbafe nwa
Am cashing out ka o lotto
your crush na my motor
see ocho ise mu photo
ife ocholo bu dodo
and I know you know so
know so


hey hey
this is natural
I dont force see many natural
why everybody acting like they under war
I dont need nobody
homie am the one
hey hey
I go back to back
they got guns
I got money in my arsenal
Boy check make money for a living now
I dont let nobody ever bring me down

I see niggas opposing me
and when the camera comes they still posing in
Oh that shawty only love when the money in
I just pray my friends are not friends with my enemies

Bridge – Cheque

They dont give me but i take it
Oh they dont give me but I take it
I say the reason why everybody hating
Jesus got enemies, I got the same shit yeah


yeah yeah
woke uo this morning feeling like fuck the world
my mama called to tell me she misses me like that last song
oh i thought that that boy (?)
oju na ana anachigha bu onye ana ayozi
when you coming home
I believe in honesty
be slapping niggas
I think I turned out to be
everything this motherfucker said I wouldnt be
shagari alhaji na achuzi mu efi
nowadays the slightest things ime na ewe mu ezigbo iwe
slide a knife in and (?)
I go chook am for your face
I think i will always stay in office
cause am too legit to quit, am too legit to quit
Am the best and still ready to be
Theoretically all these niggas still babies to me
hand stretched out like there is something am tryna reach
the something in my jeans
the people tryna get me
some confidential shit
that why i keep it in the music
like like


Bridge – Cheque

They dont give me but i take it
Oh they dont give me but I take it
I say the reason why everybody hating
Jesus got enemies, I got the same shit yeah

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