Main Reason why the 7 story building in Port Harcourt collapsed

by Staff

Controversies has been on concerning reason behind the collapsed seven story building in GRA, owned by someone who is currently the Director of Swiss International hotel, located at Odili Road, Port Harcourt.

Meanwhile, some workers were reportedly said to have been rescued alive after been trapped in for several days inside the building.

Our correspondent who visited the site on Monday 3, 2018 were informed by somebody who pleaded anonymity, concerning the reason why the unfortunate incident occurred.

He said, “I know the owner of this building very well, he is a native of Bayelsa state. He is owner of Swiss hotel.

“The uncompleted 7 story building, is an ongoing hotel project. He also bought a property (school) directly opposite the collapsed building, so it can be used as a car park for the unfinished hotel.”

The narrator further elaborated on reasons behind the fall, he said, “The building was planned for four (4) story.

“Julius Berger construction company started the project. They constructed the foundation of the building and the agreement was for a 4-story, including the underground.

“Berger construction gave reasons by saying that the site is swampy and can only curtain 4 decken, anything more should not be approved. The Swiss boss initially agreed with the construction company, for the four story.

“After the foundation must have been layed and the four story decken completed, Swiss CEO then urge the Berger construction to add more three decken.

“Berger construction disapproved the proposal. The Swiss CEO and his wife then withdrew the contract from them and gave reasons which they stated that their action was because of the high cost of Berger construction services.

“The contract was them shifted to another set of contractors, who them agreed to add more decken, to complete seven,” he added.

While narrating how the building collapsed, he said “I was sitting close to it that very day before when it happened. The workers have closed for the day.

“They were yet to receive payment, as a result of the announcement at the site” he insisted.

“I was sitting close when I saw dozen of workers, including those ones that did not report to work that same day, moving into the building to receive there payments.

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“After they must have settled inside and some where out for personal reasons, before the building collapsed. It just happened.

“One of the survival was out to get cigarette, while another went out to pick up somebody, they all met the building collapsed upon there arrival.

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