UG Toons – You Can Never Understand (Cartoon Video)

UG Toons - You Can Never Understand

UG Toons formally wraps up the year 2020 with “You Will Never Understand”.

In this very video entitled “You Will Never Understand“, the UG Toons table shaker – Owaritakpo ask the year 2020 a.k.a Mr Gbege to pack all the palava, wahala, casala, Yawa, samankwe, all the trouble and leave. According to takpo, the year has already packed its bag but still waiting to traffic at 3rd mainland bridge to clear before it can finally leave.

But Twi-twi got herself lot of trouble after she interrupted Takpo who was busy singing for the year 2020. She certainly got all the trouble she asked for.

Watch the funnny video below;

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