UG Toons – Sell Fuel For Me (Cartoon Video)

UG Toons - Sell Fuel For Me

This is a reminder of old days, perfect definition of a Nigerian child running errands, as shown in this very funny video from UG Toons titled “Sell Fuel For Me“.

Owaritakpo got himself into a very serious problem when grandpa sent him to buy fuel of #1000 naira from the filling station, only for Takpo to branch along the road and consumed #200 naira. Mama koffe caught him consuming the items he bought by the roadside, only for him confuse her with some fake stories.

At the end, Takpo reached the filling station, the unimaginable happened and Takpo was ready to create a scene.

Watch the UG Toons video ‘Sell Fuel For Me’ below;

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