UG Toons – Beauty & The Beast (Cartoon Video)

UG Toons - Beauty And The Beast

UG Toons drops another funny video titled “Beauty And The Beast’.

Owaritakpo will not stop causing stirs and amusements. He took Twi-twi’s biscuit and do not care to return it to the owner but instead he consumed it. Takpo was thinking about how he could gift the biscuit to their landlord, so they can live for 3 yeas for free. He was having the thought before Twi-twi showed up and they started arguing who’s the Beauty and The Beast between both which is one amazing moment from this very UG Toons comedy.

Twi-twi then reported Takpo to their uncle who gave him the worst moment of his life.. Watch the video, Download using the link be below;

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