The Romantic Visit (Ghenghenjokes)

The Romantic visit

Kojo made an arrangement for a Romantic visit to his house.

It’s not up to a month Kojo met a very beautiful damsel and he proposed to the girl to accept him as her boyfriend. Well, the lady had no issue with that, even confessed to kojo that she likes him because he’s a handsome guy in a very romantic tune but requested that she visit Kojo’s house first.

According to her, she must first run a background check on kojo before accepting him. He agreed and he called Abbey to help inform Okpako to arange the house in a very romantic way that he’s coming with a very important visitor.

On sensing that his uncle is coming home with a lady, Okpako decided to perform some unimaginable wonders. Watch and share the video with friends on socials.

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