Road Direction – Takpo Got Auntie Lost (UG Toons)

Road Direction - Takpo Got Auntie Lost

Takpo got Auntie Patience Lost in the middle of her journey as she ask for Road Direction.

Owaritakpo for the first time tries to be creative as he thinks about starting a new business with his uncle. According to him, he wants to start a road block business, so he can extort money from vehicles and pedestrians. Unfortunately, Auntie Patience called takpo forgetting the address to their ask and she did her self more harms as she asked for Road direction.

Auntie Patience asked Takpo if his uncle is at home and the UG Toons clown of a character gave her series of frustrating answers. She got herself into more serious troubles as she demand for directions to Takpo’s uncle house.

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