Mark Angel Comedy – Holiday Lesson (Episode 293)

Mark Angel Comedy - Holiday Lesson

Mark Angel Comedy shares a new video titled “Holiday Lesson”.

In this very Episode 293; Starring Mark Angel comedy crew’s Success, Esther and Others who were present in this special Holiday Lesson; Success made a shocking and realistic revelation concerning Nigerians.

While in the class, the teacher ask a question, “what’s the best legacy a father can leave for his family in this country Nigeria”; Esther stood and answered ‘A Good Name’. The teacher was pleased with the answer but Aunty Success who is not satisfied with answer had to create a divided class.

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On seeing this, the teacher decided to call out Success for doing something else while he was teacher and she had to ask Success the last question to  know if she was following up with the class. Success countered Esther’s Answer and gave the realistic legacies a father had to leave for his family in Nigeria.

Funny but true Success, she beats imagination of everyone in the class and i know you too must be among those that this shocking revelations touched.  Watch the video and Drop a comment below.

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