Kojo and The Blind Man (GhenGhenJokes)

Kojo and The Blind Man

GhenGhenJokes present a new comic cartoon video titled “Kojo and The Blind Man”.

Kojo went for visiting where he met his friends father who happens to be the ‘Blind Man’. The man asked him, what will he do with 1 million Naira if given such amount of money. Kojo told the man that he will be ‘Keke Napep’ for transportation business and open a  laundry or dry cleaning shop.

The man was pleased with the response; Kojo who could not control himself, imagine he took the man’s bottle of wine and while he was busy charking it, the he opened his eye and caught Kojo red-handed.

Kojo’s actions will entertain you. Watch and Share with others to laugh out their stress.

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