Ghen Ghen Jokes – Yabbing (Bad Mouth Competition)

Ghen Ghen Jokes - Yabbing (Bad Mouth Competition)

Here is a very interesting video from Ghen Ghen Jokes and it is certain that we, blacks especially Nigerians can relate to “Yabbing (Bad Mouth Competition)”.

One street brother like that, came up with yabbing/ Bad Mouth competition for the kids around and Okapko arrived as the champion. There dresses where at stake and the ‘Ajebo pikin’ started throwing jest at Okpako till the final hour.

When he comes with his jest, Okapkp will refrain and make it more funny. At the end Okpako won the all that was at stake, including all what his opponent wore as clothes. Okpako also made fun of the brother, who later gave him the greatest chase of his life.

Watch the video below;

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