“This is no Bragging, the future of African Music depends on me” – Burna Boy reveals

by ZN Media

Burna Boy Pull Up video

Burna Boy has made another shocking revelation while responding to those criticizing him for declaring himself the best African Music Artiste after Fela.

The 2020 Grammy nominee made the headlines last week when he called himself the best after the Legendary Fela. According to Burna Boy, nobody paved way for him and he is the reason why African music artistes are respected today in the western world. This statement of his made fans to flair up in anger, many took to their respective social media accounts to roast the singer to their satisfaction.

However, in a recently deleted tweet, the singer responded to his trolls who criticised him over his statement. According to him, he has been working hard since 2012 just to hit it big in the industry. Burna added that the future of Africa depends on the kind of resilience and strength he shows and repeated that nobody that is Fela or his family paved the way for him.

He wrote; “If you know you danced or sang along to any Burna Boy song or you was at any of my shows turning up anytime from 2012-2018 and you’re following those spineless olodos to say I’ve been 2 years or you’re following them to rejoice and wish me bad.

Remember I told you I was the African Giant and most of you laughed and said I should be grateful for small fonts. I pray that you learn from me, I mean this in no bragging way and the wise knows that the future of Africa depends on this kind of strength and resilience I show.

You say “Thank God he didn’t win” Because I say the truth And because of your twisted fake views of humility. I‘ve been out here with my Family since 2012 going through unspeakable things just to get there at all odds. I repeat Nobody that is Fela or my Family can ever say that they paved the way for me. Fuck you. I drew my map and followed it. This is just the beginning tho. Una no go sleep.

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