How I paid £55,000 to buy more time for my 02 Arena Concert – Davido

Davido show

Davido during one of his radio sessions in the US, revealed that he had to pay the sum of Fifty-five thousand British pounds in order to have the time of his 02 Arena concert extended.

The African global superstar called at New York’s Hot 97 FM studio while on the move for his radio tour to discuss his intent on breaking into the US and he revealed to Oldman Ebro the sacrifice he made in order to have the hall packed before he got on stage.

He revealed he was quite scared that as at the time he was due for getting on stage, the hall was half-empty and he was told people were still loitering around the hall premises.

The DMW Boss, Davido said the management came over to him and told him he has to get on stage no matter the situation else he pays a fifty-five thousand fine for extending the time at his 02 Arena Concert. And he said he would rather pay the fine than get on stage while people aren’t seated.

Davido during his radio sessions said, “I was scared though, because first of all, you know how we Africans do, we’re always late, we take time. They said I gotta get on stage by 8, and I said alright and then by 8 o’clock my boy come tell me that brother you can’t go on stage right now and I say what you mean, he said brother everybody is still walking around, I looked at the stadium, half empty. I was going crazy.”

The pop star then went on to reveal exactly what he did to buy time, he said, “They said i’d have to pay £55,000 for time extension and i said I’ll pay two hundred thousand pounds in this place. Me, the way I know my people, people want me to fail. If I go on that stage that place is half empty, somebody will take that picture and that picture will go farther than anything. I waited till that place was filled.

“I waited for about an hour and thirty before we started. I’d rather pay the fine because people don’t want you to win. Negativity goes way farther than positivity.”

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