Old people fail to understand we are future of Nigeria – African China

African China

Nigeria Singer, African China, in recent interview with Sunday Scoop said he doesn’t live his life to please anyone. “Many youths make money and they would exhaust it drinking themselves to stupor. In some cases, they even drink themselves to death. You see people posting pictures of exotic cars, yet they live in rented apartments. As for me now, I always have to think of my children, and whatever decision I take is with them in mind. I have to leave them something tangible. And that is what is wrong with this country; we don’t think of the younger generation.

While speaking on the future of the country, African China said, “The old people have refused to understand that we are the future Nigeria, and the future is now. I advise my peers to start investing and thinking of the future. If you make wise investments, you can become wealthier than the rich man that you see as a god in your life. You can have more houses than your current landlord. It’s not good to fall back to nothing when you have had something.

“But we have a lot of people who went from grass to grace, but when they got there, they mismanaged things and went back to grass. The building I posted on social media recently is not my first; I have four properties in Lagos. And after this, I will construct the next one in Lekki. However, it is not by my power; it’s all by God’s grace.”

“Some people have dedicated themselves to being cyber bullies and if you go to their pages, you would see that they are miserable. Cyber bullies cannot get to me because I’m a street boy to the core. I was born on the street and I did everything there. I would even urge the cyber bullies to meet me in real life, so we can sort out issues face-to-face. Then, we’ll see who will get bullied. I just pity people that get upset by things like that.

“I don’t believe that any man can weigh me down. I would rather do the right things that I’m supposed to do and move on. These days, it is sad that some so-called men of God are taking advantage of their congregation and buying jets with the money.

“Some of these churches build schools that their own members cannot afford to enrol their kids. I have lived with white people and I’ve seen how they manage their society. Now, they don’t encourage people trying to sway others with religion. Meanwhile, they were the ones that brought religion to us. You can practise your faith but you also have to act. Even the Bible says that faith without work is dead.”

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