“I turned down 80 million naira deal, when I have nothing in my Bank Account” – Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi International passport song

Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi revealed how he turned down a huge amount of money from a label deal even while he had no cash on him.

Mr Eazi, the Ghanaian born Nigerian Artiste and ‘Surrender crooner‘ revealed that he turned down a recording deal worth £365,000 (#80,000,000) from London based record label as at the time he didn’t have #300,000 in his bank account.

He said, “My first record deal offer from the UK was £356,000, I turned it down but at the time, I had done a tour and the total amount  I earned was £12,500. I used the money to shoot the videos of some of my songs.

“I was left with £20; they were offering me £365,000, but I turned it down. The reason I did that was because my value was not dependent on what was in my account.”

This is a very good example of a well known parable ‘the patient dog eat the fastest born’. 

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