Mc Galaxy reacts after being slammed by Toyin Abraham on nudity challenge

Toyin Abraham and mc galaxy

Mc Galaxy has took to his Instagram page few hours ago, to debunk the news of him asking girls to go into nudity giveaway challenge after being slammed by popular actor, Toyin Abraham.

The ‘Sekem’ crooner said he never did a giveaway challenge asking girls to dance naked, rather, it was while he was on an Instagram live session with his fans that a girl called in, dancing naked, after he threw it open to his fans to showcase their talents on the session. He said it was after the girl called in that a friend of his saw the video and gave the girl 50K.

While responding to Toyin, Mc Galaxy said people who know him know that he is a respecter of women and he has in one way or the other helped women who are in need without showcasing it to the public eye. “On Friday night, I held  an IG live session where fan called in to show their talent. Some rapped, some sang and some danced. We got calls from everywhere; both from guys and ladies called in to showcase their talent.

“At some point, a particular lady called in without her clothes on. I actually dropped the her off but the fans from the comments insisted i accept her request, so i did. as she danced, a friend declared her the winner and promised to give her 50,000 naira.

“At no point did i offer anyone 50,000 to dance naked. There was no prize tag for anybody to go naked. This issue was a case of an Instagram live that went out of hand. If you follow my page, you would know that i have the utmost respect for women.

“I have helped a lot of my female followers, ladies who have needed help for an issue or the other, without asking anything in return and without informing anyone. My apologies, We will handle things better next time”. 

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