Lil Wayne says He’s Partly Nigerian After Taking his first DNA Test || watch video

by ZN Media

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has finally traced his roots back to Africa and he discovers that he’s partly a Nigerian.

Few weeks ago, the American award-winning rapper declared his love for Nigeria and said he would love to visit. In a recent interview, Lil Wayne was asked why he has so much love for Nigeria and also why he mentioned the country in his hit track “A Milli”, he said he carried out an ancestry DNA test to trace his roots and the results showed that he is 53% Nigerian.

He also jokingly added that he would have a talk with his mother to talk about the result. He said “Shout out to Nigeria, I did my 23 and me ancestry dot com and my shit came back like 53% Nigerian. Yea! Me and my mum need to have a talk (Laughter)”. 

Watch the video below;

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