I can’t continue with music anymore, Waje pours out her frustration


Nigerian music singer, Waje, who came into limelight in 2010, cries and poured out her frustration that the Nigerian music industry is not favourable to her and she is quitting.

However, it is really a frustrating thing to realise that the greatest skill you possess as a human cannot even be productive financially, especially when you put too much efforts to make it worthwhile in that regard. It’s even worst when you see those that you are more talented and skilled than achieved more dividends than you. 

In a recent interview with Waje that has circulated the social media already, the singer expressed loads of bitterest over the frustration she is faced with financially despite working so hard for it. She also opened up on the fact that while she wasn’t putting out music, people were clamouring for her to release an album.

The singer said everywhere she has gone to, she was always told to release an album because it was long overdue, and in a way to satisfy these people, she released one.

Waje however said, since she released the album, it has hasn’t gotten any positive reception, no money has been made from the album, and the people who were asking for the album are no where to be found. She also said if it’s to do a publicity for the album, she cannot do because she does not have the money to do it, she cited her personal issues as a result for not having money to spend on publicising the album and much more.

Waje gained popularity, after she came on to the music scene 9 years ago, as a result of her effort on MI’s song, “One Naira,” in which she took the chorus and stunned music lovers with her very powerful and unique voice.

Waje released her sophomore album, “Red Velvet,” in 2018 after her first album, W.A.J.E in 2013. The “Red Velvet,” after its release did not do well at all commercially, which is the reason she has decided on venting her frustrations and even decided to quit music.

It’s expected that she gets the encouragement that she needs now and get back up soon as possible.

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