Girlfriend surprised Orezi with Amazing birthday gift

Orezi girlfriend birthday gift

Nigerian singer, Orezi receives a beautiful birthday surprise gift from his girlfriend.

We have seen guys over the internet and even in our surroundings take it as a point of duty to surprise their girlfriends with beautiful gifts on their special day. But this time around, the tide turns as “Born Broke Die Rich” singer, Orezi, gets an unbelievable birthday gift from his girlfriend today, 28th of March, 2019.

The lover girl made an arrangement for a saxophonist to be around to play some sweet songs with his saxophone to give the singer who was still on bed before her arrival to the scene of the action a lively rise from bed as well as present him with a teddy bear and a lovely cake.

People on the internet have lauded her actions as they feel it’s a priceless gift she has given to Orezi as such move isn’t common amongst women.

Happy birthday Orezi!

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