Ghanaian Singer, Fuse ODG Burns Photos Of Jesus Christ, Says it’s Time Africans Wake Up From Mental Slavery

Fuse ODG Jesus Christ

Ghanaian Singer, Fuse ODG has come out to condemn the photo of Jesus Christ and asked all Africans to wake up from their mental slavery.

The award-winning singer via his Instagram handle stated that it’s wrong for African Christians, to hang images of Jesus on their walls in homes and in churches. According to Fuse ODG, the painting of white Jesus Christ represents our oppressors and is the seed of dictators like Adolf Hitler, the apartheid in South Africa, the Rwandan genocide and skin bleaching. He noted that it’s time for Africans to unlearn the lies by its slave masters and be responsible when dealing with the truth.

He shared a now viral video of him burning down some of the painting of the white Jesus in his possession and urged every Blackman to do same. He wrote; “Time to stop turning a blind ?:
“You shall know them by their Fruits”
(1.Seed) 》(2.Tree) 》(3.Fruits) (1.White Jesus) 》 (2. Catholic Church)》 (3.Trans Atlantic Slave Trade/War/Rape/Child Abuse/ Hitler/ Apartheid/Skin Bleaching) #TINA #NewAfricaNation #Emancipationday

Check my last post & Dash a ? on the flames in the comments!! You shall know them by their Fruits. So much damage has been done under the banner of Christianity and religion in general. If Jesus came back today, I honestly don’t think he would call himself a Christian.
It’s impossible to look at the fruits of the Catholic church and many other organised religions and conclude they are not the work of Satan himself. (Founding the slave trade, Rape, Genocide , War, Corporate Child Abuse)
However…The Beauty of the Gospel is that it’s never to late for the sinner to repent. Just remember God is a God of Justice and YOU will have to face him one day. Black People…if we want Economic or Political revolution then we need to have a spiritual revolution first!! Seek Ye First the Kingdom….. It’s time to truly emancipated ourselves from mental slavery. None but our selves can free our minds ? It starts with the False Idols NEW MUSIC OUT THIS FRIDAY ? ?

This is a conversation that now needs to be had in every single church in Africa! Why have our religious leaders allowed this to continue when it is clearly non biblical? Young people…Now is not the time to be afraid of pulling up or challenging your elders. Especially when they practice the wrong things. We can both learn from each other. Jesus said the Kingdom of God will be inherited by those who are like Children. Children ASK questions …let’s continue to ask questions until we get answers!! Share this message far and wide with any person or ministry that needs to hear this. Every Single False idol needs to come down. The time is now!!! P.s @ presenter … I swear Ghanaians are the funniest people on earth. How can man start talking bout harlot lol ????.. how u know man’s not born again tho ?..everytime I’m enlightened by the truth, I’m born again..rebirth of the mind is key. I guess God did say he would choose the things of the “foolish” to shame the “wise” ? ? ? #NowhiteJesus #SpiritualWarfare #EmancipationDay2020 #TINA #NewAfricaNation #Boycott4Justice”.

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