Falz calls Nigerian lawmakers ‘Hypocrite’ for crucifying homosexuals

Falz sex

Nigerian music artiste, Falz TheBahdGuy popularly know for releasing controversial songs, that address situations in the country, has come out to blast the government indirectly for crucifying homosexuals.

The singer who is known for releasing activistic songs like “This is Nigeria” and “Talk Am“, condemns Fraudulent acts and Corrupt practices from Nigeria politicians, government and religious leaders who he claim keep deceiving the entire public.

Falz also explained and exposed Nigeria politicians who he describe as ‘criminals’ in 2baba’s new controversial song ahead of 2019 general elections titled “No Shishi 4 Bribe“.

Now, Falz TheBahdGuy new controversial song “Hypocrite” speaks against Nigerian law for persecuting homosexuals. He claim that most of them (the lawmakers) has ones engage in same-sex sexual relationships.

However, he went on to call everybody (Nigerians) Hypocrite. Falz on the lyrical content explain that people engage in some acts and pretend as if they have not done it before.

Falz claim, Lawmakers make laws that they don’t keep and asked, “who are we to crucify the homosexuals?”.


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