Davido’s song “Fall” becomes 13th most played song on US Radio

Davido Fall most played song

Davido’s 2017 hit song “Fall” rises from the number 16 position to be the 13th most played song on the United States of America Radio.

It is no strange news that Davido’s hit single is doing well in the United States and is currently one of the Top Charting songs in the North American region.

“Fall” entered into the US Urban most played songs on US radio as number 28 some weeks back, but has now find it’s way into the 13th position on the chart.

Davido revealed few weeks back that the aim is to get “Fall” to be number one most played song in America, and with the current progress the song is making in the country, that achievement might not be too far away. The song jumped five places from it’s position of number 19 which it was on the charts last week and moved to number 13 this week.

Davido, who shared the news with excitement, urge fans to keep praying for him as the aim is to get the song to number one spot. 

See his IG post below.

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