Daddy Showkey explained How close Friends abandoned him After Surviving An Accident That Left Him Broke

Daddy showkey

Daddy Showkey has shared a painful experience about his past, how friends abandoned him when he needed them the most.

The Nigerian veteran singer during an Instagram live session with a fan shared an heartbreaking story of himself. According to Daddy Showkey, friends abandoned him After he was involved in an accident while leaving Olu Maintain’s birth party in 2007. Spending almost three years in a hospital in the United States his doctors advised him not to dance or sing for sometime.

With a heavy heart, he returned to Nigeria and went to seek assistance from people he considered as friends. Before his accident, he said that he used to give out millions of naira as gifts to his friends because he doesn’t have any value for money. However, these same people turned their backs on him and said he wasn’t going to amount to anything.

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Throwing away his pride despite being one of Nigeria’s finest artiste, He later went back to Delta state in 2010 to work for money. After some time he was able to recover and resumed back to making music.

See the video below:

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